Picture a laidback

1950s-inspired setting that does not distract from the food.

When renowned French Chef Claude Postel moved to Miami, a couple things were certainties: the weather was unbeatable and he wanted to create a true neighborhood eatery where discerning diners gather for a taste of authenticity—and value.  After a five-year stint on South Beach, Claude opened Buena Vista Bistro, a small, intimate eatery that very quickly became the neighborhood spot.

And because freshness is so important, Claude goes to the market everyday, selecting only the freshest ingredients for use in that day’s dishes. It’s a difference you can taste; frozen ingredients are simply not welcomed at BVB.

BVB’s décor is simple. Picture a laidback, 1950s-inspired setting that does not distract from the food.  It is indeed a place where people come for great food at a great price. As one diner puts it: “Miami has too few places like this. Small, charming, lots of little details and great food. This is exactly the kind of place that NYC-ers coming to Miami are missing!”

Favorites include homemade duck pâté and signature jumbo scallops that are simply delicious and beautifully plated.  And that’s just the beginning. BVB, located just north of Miami’s Design District, consistently churns out favorites like:

“Best Dish of 2009: Tuna Tartare” —Miami Ranking
“Best Late Dining”—Miami New Times
“On My Radar: Escolar with Mash Potatoes”— Suzy Buckley, Ocean Drive Magazine
“Best Curry Chicken”—America’s Favorite Bites